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The number of hits made to (English) and (Korean) as of July 9, 2016 is 31 million 442 thousand (31,442,195) hits from all over the world, since August 2005. The Holy Spirit said, "As many people as sand at the beach accepted Jesus as their Lord, after they read the hundreds of testimonies at on or written by readers who were healed of their brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, AIDS, drug addiction, mental sickness, and epilepsy while reading, Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me all over the world." The Holy Spirit said, "The first question you will be asked in heaven is: how many souls did you save during your life? Your treatment in heaven will be decided by how many souls you saved. Servants who saved innumerable souls will be treated like a king in heaven. "The servants who saved no one will be told, 'you wicked and lazy servant,' Matt 25: 30 Cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth." Refer: John 15:1–6, Holy Spirit said, "Even Christians who accepted Jesus as their Lord but do not bear fruit will be cut off by Almighty God. Branches cut off will be dry and angels gather them and throw them into ever burning fire. Are you prepared to reply the first question in heaven? How many souls did you save in your life? To save many souls for you and your family and children, the Holy Spirit asks you to donate money to build the World Holy Spirit Healing, Revival, Mission Center which will be done by the Holy Spirit through Rev. Do Shick Joe, who has been saving innumerable souls like sand at the beach with Holy Spirit Power. The Holy Spirit said, "All the number of souls saved with your donations will be posted in your book of life in heaven."


9/22/2010 Jesus heals incurable diseases with Holy Spirit Power all over the world

9/22/2010 Jesus heals incurable diseases with Holy Spirit Power all over the world
The Holy Spirit performs miracles which no human being can do all over the world. Go to  introducing the book, Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me and click <Testimony by Readers> you will find many hundreds of testimonies by readers. These are the testimonies by readers of the book with pictures who testify that they were completely healed of their incurable diseases after reading the book 2-5 times.  This book is about Holy Spirit miracles. The Holy Spirit gave me Bible words and explained and performed miracles.  Holy Spirit healed idol worshippers and unbelievers' incurable sickness after they accepted Jesus as their Lord and prayed, repented of their sins in the past and read the book.
Many incurable diseases, such as AIDS, HIV, cancers of all kinds, brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer and others are healed by the Holy Spirit power. They got tested blood and confirmed by medical doctors that all AIDS or HIV virus are completely gone and cancers are completely healed. Broken marriages are restored by the Holy Spirit. Many armed robbers who killed many people confess their sins and come to Jesus for salvation, after reading this book. Mental sickness, demon possessed people, drug adicts, alcoholists, gamblers, depression causing suicide or killing others are healed by Holy Spirit. All incurable sickness are healed by God.
Jesus wants to perform miracles through you too. If any of your family members or relative or friends who are suffering from incurable diseases, such as cancer of any kind, AIDS or HIV or any other incurable sickness modern medical doctors can not heal.
Please recommend him or her to read the book, Holy Spirit Hover Over Me and our website. While reading the book, the Holy Spirit will heal their sickness through Holy Spirit Power. Pray for them faithfully, Holy Spirit will heal them. When they are healed, ask them to come to your church and to bring their friends and family to your church. Your church will grow very fast. 
Innumerable idolaters and non believers who were healed of their incurable diseases such as AIDS, all kinds of cancer after they accepted Jesus as thier Lord and read this book are delivering Jesus Gospel through mouth or testimony all over the world. 
 If you want to receive overflowing Holy Spirit Power, read the book, Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me, tsetimnoies by readeers and Holy Spirit words on and Holy Bible from Matthew to end of ACTS 5-7 times. Holy Spirit will perform miracles through you.  God is most pleased to see you save the poor souls to the Kingdom of God for Jesus Salvation. Jesus will give you an everlasting gold crown as a prize for your eternal life in heaven, if you save many souls for their eternal life in heaven.  We send books by mail to any patients in the world. They can read testimnies by readers through internet from all over the world. 
Now Korean and Enlish books are available. For other language books, there is minimum quantity for the first order, if you order more than the minimum, any language books will be accepted.
Shipments will be made from The USA and Korea direct to your place. Large quantity of books will be shipped from Korea to you.   To purchase books, please order books online, email or writing.
This is the Holy Spirit Power book through which the Holy Spirit heals the incurable  diseases which doctors can not heal and solves all the problems impossible for men to solve.
Price: US$50.00/book.  If you order 12 books or more per shipment, $35.00/book. 
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9/22/2010 Jesus heals incurable diseases with Holy Spirit Power all over the world
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