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Holy Spirit saves many millions of souls through & all over the world. Holy Spirit said, "The number of souls saved with your offering to Worldwide Holy Spirit Movement will be recorded in your book of life in heaven. You are able to save souls many thousands times more than the number of talents which you received from God through God will give His unlimited blessing upon His children who saves innumerable souls."


Introducing New books upto dated, more miracles. Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me, Revised Edition, Volume 1 ISBN 978-0-9740677-4-253000 has 5 chapters. Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me, Revised Edition, Volume 2 ISBN 978-0-9740677-5-253000 has 7 chapters.

While reading these books, the Holy Spirit raises the dead to life and heals incurable diseases such as brain cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, leukemia, HIV, AIDS, epilepsy, demon possession, drug addicts and other sickness all over the world.

DO SHICK JOE, Heavenly Publications, Inc., Audubon, PA, paperback, (498p) ISBN: 0-9740677-1-7

While reading this book
, innumerable AIDS, HIV, HIV patients and cancer, bone cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer, skin cancer, stomach cancer, cervical cancer, syphilis, flu, innumerable kinds of cancer patients all over the world were healed by the Holy Spirit Power and confirmed by medical doctors that AIDS, HIV virus died completely and they were healed. Cancers of many kinds were also healed and confrimed by doctors. Holy Spirit Gives unlimited blessing to those who support Holy Spirit Ministry. Drug addicts, alcohlistics, smoking addicts are healed. Evil spirits causing depression to commit suicide and to murder others are chased away by Holy Spirit. Armed robbers and criminals who killed many come crying to Jesus for salvation.

Click <Testsimony by Readers> at left top of this page, contents page with many titles will open. Click any title, you will find many hundreds of testimonies with pictures of patients who were healed, while reading the book, Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me.

Introducing CD
These CDS tell the Testimonies by Readers of the book, Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me. All of them read the book 3-8 times each. All listeners will be unlimitedly blessed by the Holy Spirit Power. Holy Spirit wants to perform miracles through you too.

CD No. 1 covers testimonies by readers who were healed of colon cancer, 2 lung cancer, leukemia cancer, shoulder cancer, cervical cancer, HIV, AIDS, heart attack, syphilis, epilepsy, cancerous tumor on face, chronic sinus inflamation, Muslim's AIDS. Holy Spirit saved only him who read the book from truck accident where all 16 other people were killed. He paralized all armed robbers who tried to kill motor cycle driver who read the book several months. He saved him who read the book and called for Holy Spirit when 14 armed robbers tried to kill him. He let the barren woman to conceive baby.

CD No. 2 covers Testimonies by readers of Holy Spirit Hover Over Me. Holy Spirit raised the dead girl to life. He healed brain cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, demon possessed lady walking naked on the street, several demon possessed, Muslim's cancer, TB, drinking, smoking, He changed all 18 cruel criminals who killed many people to be born again Christians. He saved him who read Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me 8 times and called for Holy Spirit when armed robbers tried to kill him. He changed several cruel prisoners who killed many people to be born again Chrstians. He let barren lady to have baby.

God pours unlimted financial blessing for the people who support Holy Spirit Movements and pray really for Holy Spirit Blessing while reading this book. Holy Spirit wants to perform miracles for you too.

To receive Holy Spirit's blessing, please believe all contents of this book really 100% without any doubt.

For Christians
Before reading the book, pray before God, confess all your sins and repent for your sins and forgive others who hurt you before.

For Non-Christians
For the unbelievers or non-Christians believing other gods.
Before reading the book, please accept Jesus as your Lord and repent for your wrong doing in the past and forgive others who hurt you before.

Read this book 3-5 times with all your attention while praying to God to solve your problems. After reading the book each time, please read <Testimony by Readers> and <Holy Spirit Words> by turn in this website. Then the Holy Spirit will perform miracles for your problems.
All the people who testified with pictures in <Testimony by Readers> did the same things as instructed them to do.

In "Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me," Rev. Joshua Doshick Joe, the founder and chairman of the Whole Race Gospel & Missionary Service and evangelist of the Worldwide Holy Spirit Revival Movement, shares how during the last fifteen years the Holy Spirit spiritually trained him to work as a missionary and spread Jesus' gospel all over the world.

The author of the book, Rev. Joshua Do Shick Joe, interpreted Dr. Belk's preaching from English into Korean while filled with the Holy Spirit. He is raising up one of his hands to tens of thousands of church members at the Ju An Presbyterian Church, one of the ten largest churches in the world.

Dr. Belk is the founder and President of Henderson Christian University. Belk Department Stores, having about 400 stores operating in the southern States of the U. S. A., belong to the Belk family members. Through father and son, Dr. Belk's family built about 400 churches and offered them to the Almighty Heavenly Father. He is a really good Christian, filled in Holy Spirit, and trys to turn all the glory to God. Dr. Belk highly recommends the book "Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me" for world evangelism.

The book Holy Spirit Hover Over Me is a recorded testimony of how the Holy Spirit trained me spiritually and performed numerous miracles through me. This all happened since January 1, 1990, when I was saved from death by Jesus and was born again in the Holy Spirit. All the miracles recorded in this book were performed by the Holy Spirit.

While you read this book, the Holy Spirit will perform His powerful ministry through you. You will experience the Holy Spirit's replies to all your prayers, such as fasting prayer, daily prayer, sinner's prayer, Christian prayer, healing prayer, and many others, in God's grace and love.

In addition to that, various infirmities and mental patients will be healed by the Holy Spirit, and evil spirits will be chased away, crying. Drug addicts, armed robbers, idol worshipers and unbelievers will be moved by the Holy Spirit's power and come to church. People attempting suicide will give up on suicide, and couples who are trying to divorce will enjoy newlywed life again. Problems which are impossible for you to solve will be solved, and you will be blessed abundantly by the Holy Spirit's power.

The Holy Spirit healed seven different chronic diseases I had, several of which I suffered from for more than 30 years. He healed my wife's three different infirmities, of which medical doctors could not find the cause. In addition to that, the Holy Spirit healed numerous sick people through our prayer and the Holy Spirit's power.

He performed special miracles to feed over 1,000,000 people with two or three dozen donuts. The Holy Spirit raised the price of a US$0.50 stock to US$136.00.

Whenever I was lost on the road, angels guided me with a big lighted green arrow. Angels always guide me, whatever I do. The Holy Spirit led me to read only the Bible from early morning to late at night for many years. This book is a record of how the Holy Spirit taught and trained me for many years to discern between the Holy Spirit and evil spirits on the basis of the Bible. If you know only these recorded things, evil spirits will be chased out of your body, crying.

Whenever demons tried to kill me, Jesus immediately saved me from the demons' attacks. Sometimes Jesus used his special light to kill the evil spirits who tried to kill me. Sometimes Jesus, embraced by the light, placed the demons into transparent boiling oil tanks. Sometimes Jesus melted Satan, who appeared as a cobra bigger than an electric utility pole, with His special light.

Jesus showed me heaven and hell numerous times. The Holy Spirit showed me the burning, fiery sulfur sea of hell where billions of spirits are crying and lamenting in torment. He told me to evangelize Jesus' gospel to all unbelievers, as many as I could in the world, in order to save all such people who are destined to be thrown into the fiery lake because they do not believe in Jesus.

To see the Contents of Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me, click <Holy Spirit Words> on this web site, then click <Contents of Holy Spirit, Hover Over Me> , and you will find innumerable Holy Spirit miracles.

If any of your friends have mental problems, depression, or tried to commit suicide, ask them to read
<The Spirits Of Murderers Are Crying Forever In The Fiery Lake Of Hell> , and <Spirits who committed suicide crying in the fiery lake> , which is not in the book. Go to and click <Holy Spirit Words> on the left side of the website, to read this title. The Holy Spirit will save him or her from evil spirits.

While reading this book, you will experience and feel the the unlimited love of God in Jesus' grace. This book is available in English and Korean.



Copyright (c) Do Shick Joe 2003. All rights reserved.


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